Mar 12, 2013

*** Street Color

Street outfits are from daily inspirations in the street.

*** Angel Coral

Flowering blossom-and-leave angel corol ring sets the tone for a sweet invitation. Souffle Silk Dress with selected accessories is suitable for multiple venues and seasons.

Mar 11, 2013

*** Lavender Grayish

Romantic aroma - the air is filled with the scent of lilac: feminine, gentle, playful, whimsical and arty. It is soft and delicate, and move as you walk and as the breeze catches your outfit. It is flowing, sensual and inviting.

*** Bright Pink

Sweet lace details complimenting the comfort, but would look lovely with its bright pink color as well.

*** Regal Blue and Snow White

Such a simple and classic design fit for your special venue and season - casual, elegant and contemporary.

*** Sentimental Pink

Classic styling with romantic details in your wardrobe - your style touchstone blends tradition with fairytale-like elements.